Damsels Causing Distress

Sexy Hacking Video Episodes

Sexy Hacking is a series of online videos where sexy girls teach hacking techniques, tips, how-to's, tools, social engineering, security industry news and spoofs. Why read some boring news article or lame documentation when you can get the goods demonstrated by a sexy hacker girl? This is real information security - just sexier.

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Information Discovery and Reconnaissance

Sexy Hacker Olga has a crush on the legendary hacker Fyodor, of Nmap fame. Olga demonstrates how to start with a simple URL and uncover a wealth of information about the network, services, people, and more behind a given web site.

Episode One - July 7, 2008

Episode Two - July 15, 2008

Episode Three - July 28, 2008

Naughty Script K1dd13

Sexy Hacker Tegan busts someone trying to be a lame script kiddie and she teaches them a lesson they will never forget! Tegan demonstrates how to install, configure, and use real hackers tools like Nmap, Nessus, and Metasploit to gain access to a target web server - and all its hidden files...

Episode One - July 7, 2008

Episode Two - July 20, 2008

Episode Three - August 1, 2008