Damsels Causing Distress

About Sexy Hacking

Sexy Hacking is creating a series of online videos where sexy girls teach hacking techniques, tips, how-to's, tools, social engineering, security industry news and spoofs. Why read some boring news article or lame documentation when you can get the goods demonstrated by a sexy hacker girl? This is real information security - just sexier.

New episodes are released every few days - Get On Notice to receive email announcements when new episodes are available. Your favorite Sexy Hacking babes are going to Vegas for DEFCON 16 (August 7-10, 2008). You might even get invited to the private Sexy Hacking party, so keep watching! Sound easy? It is! No BS, no feds, no p3ni5 cr34m. Go find that crap somewhere else. At Sexy Hacking, you get real sexy and real hacking. Nuff said...

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